Reviews for Michael John Trotta

“tender harmonies and a palette of glowing vocal and instrumental colors” – Gramophone

“a work solidly grounded in tradition, yet incorporates a musical language that, in George Gershwin’s words, ‘informs the thoughts and aspirations of the people and the time.’” – Robert Rawlins – The Choral Scholar

“weaves rich harmonies and memorable melodic lines into delightful tapestries of sound” Barnaby Hughes  – Stage and Cinema

“inspired and deeply stirring, and the entire listening experience is a rich and vivid one” Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold –  Fanfare Magazine

“elegant, singable music with a strong spiritual heft.”  Brian Morton –  Choir and Organ Magazine

Choir and Organ Magazine
Review by Brian Morton
Mystical Voices

“Michael John Trotta’s choral music is a lineal descendant of Aaron Copland’s. Trotta writes elegant, singable music with a strong spiritual heft. Lovely singing by the Chorale, with that nice blending of male and female forces only American forces seem to manage with such simplicity.”

Fanfare Magazine
Review by Colin Clarke
Mystical Voices

“There is something remarkably reassuring about the warmth of Michael John Trotta’s devotional music. The choir (Mystical Voices Chorale) is faultless, perfectly balanced, and evidently completely behind the sentiments expressed here. “

Artsong Update
Review by John Cambell
Mystical Voices

“New settings with steady pacing display careful craftsmanship and a penchant for sweet, gentle mood painting, engendering reflection and transcendence.”

Fanfare Magazine
Review by Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold

“Trotta creates tonal, textured, richly colored tapestries of sound and emotion. His own considerable experience as a choral conductor makes his writing for the voice grateful, and the sound he elicits from the 30-plus singers is a lush, full, blended one that nonetheless shapes the harmonies with great clarity. However, it is the a cappella compositions on the recording that are some of Trotta’s most moving because they showcase his intimate knowledge of the human voice and his sensitivity to the capabilities of a choral ensemble. Veni Creator Spiritus is a haunting combination of modern tonalities with chant.”

Reviews of Compositions:

“weaves rich harmonies and memorable melodic lines into delightful tapestries of sound” – Stage and Cinema

“captures the allegorical relationship between the spiritual and temporal”   –  Spectrum Music

“a beautiful work with evocative text set to beautiful music” – Reprise

“legato vocal lines that unfold to reveal a subtle interplay between voices, a wistful quality to this lyrical composition”  – Sounding Board

“a beautiful, fittingly peaceful opening theme, the words are set clearly, but with an imaginative variety of vocal textures, with vocal lines that unfold naturally, emulating flowing chant lines ” – Pastoral Music

“an outstanding example” – Choralnet

“editor’s choice” – JW Pepper

“a fresh new take” –  Choral Director Magazine