Shepherd’s Carol

Lush harmonies and vivid imagery create a absolutely gorgeous a cappella setting. Margaret Deland’s text depicts the Christmas story from the point of view of the shepherds calmly sleeping who were awoken by a dazzling light

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Movement 2 from Venite Adoremus

Shepherd’s Carol

With twist of thin, blue smoke,
Only their fire’s crackling flames
The tender silence broke–
Save when a young lamb raised his head, Or, when the night wind blew,

A nesting bird would softly stir, Where dusky olives grew

And all their gentle sleepy flock
Looked up, then slept again,
Nor knew the light that dimmed the stars Brought endless Peace to men–
Nor even heard the gracious words
That down the ages ring–
The Christ is born! the Lord has come.

With finger on her solemn lip, Night hushed the shadowy earth, And only stars and angels saw The little Saviour’s birth;

Then came such flash of silver light Across the bending skies,
The wondering shepherds woke, and hid Their frightened, dazzled eyes!