Inspired by Psalm 133, composer Michael John Trotta has written a lovely a cappella piece that celebrates the unity of brotherhood among all people. This calm, sonorous work is the perfect choice for a concert finale, signature piece, encore, or worship benediction.

The piece features a straightforward declamation of the text with close harmonies with an optional soprano solo on the second verse. The chorus features an more expansive melody in the soprano section. A brief contrasting section in the relative minor is reserved for the delivery of the text (Acts 17) “From one is made every nation.” The piece closes with a reiteration of the central message in the home key.


Behold How Good

Behold, how good,
Behold, how wonderful,
Behold, how pleasant to dwell in harmony.

From one is made every nation, To live on all the earth.
In one we move and have
our being,

our life,
our strength.

Behold, how good. Behold.