A cappella Based on the text of Philippians 4:6, this piece for advanced choirs was written as a quest for sanctuary from the hectic pace so prevalent in today’s society. The pedal point in the bass line introduces a placid texture from which a rich sonority unfolds. A good choice as a final benediction or a concert signature piece.

And Peace Shall Guard You was written as an exploration of finding sanctuary from the hectic pace that seems of so prevalent in the modern world.  The diatonic exposition builds to the refrain “It shall guard you” that yields to a more chromatic instability depicting anxiousness that comes from focusing on that which is not pure, gracious, and true. While inspired by Chapter Four of Philippians, this setting transcends all creeds, geographic regions, and socio-economic statuses, while focusing on the idea that thanksgiving in all things is a pathway to peace.

And Peace Shall Guard You

Peace shall guard you.
In all things, with thanksgiving,
make your need known and peace shall guard you.
It shall guard you, it shall guard your hearts and guard your minds.
For nothing be anxious, but in all things and with thanksgiving,
make your needs known.
And peace shall guard you.