About the work:
This fiery setting of Manrique’s passionate, poignant Spanish poem is uniquely coupled with an exciting, undulating accompaniment. In addition to exploring multiple tonal colors, Tu Sola Remedio allows for development of a full-bodied, robust choral tone. Written for the choir to enjoy success early in the learning process and perfect for those looking for a magical concert/festival experience.

About the text . . .
The highly passionate Spanish poem “Tu Sola Remedio” was written by Jorge Manrique. In it, he speaks metaphorically about death and leaves ample space for scholarly interpretation and discussion between and amongst director and students. These poignant words, set to music beautifully by Michael John Trotta, beget a full bodied, robust choral tone while exploring the possibility of multiple tonal colors not only in the B section but also amidst the vocal part dialogues and dissonances. Written in ternary form with an introduction and conclusion that mirror each other, the chorus can enjoy successes early on, but also have enough to explore musically and emotionally to keep them excited and engaged throughout the learning process. The undulating sextuplet figures in the accompaniment, along with the recurring motifs in the vocal and piano lines, enhance the drama of the piece and make it a must perform for choirs.