This original text by Sandra Billy is a compelling setting for choir with optional solo and descant. It features accessible vocal lines and optional tenor line. It is appropriate for general and liturgical use with a variety of ensembles. It was commissioned by the Center for Sacred Music at Virginia Wesleyan College.


This text is based on the motto of Virginia Wesleyan College Sapientia Illuminat Viam (Wisdom Lights the Way). The setting opens with a optional solo, with each of the following verses expanding upon the theme of carrying the best of what you have learned with you wherever you go.


May God bless you with

the compassion of service,

the security of knowledge,

the humility of truth,

and the mercy that comes with wisdom.


And may the unending power of the Almighty God

go before you,

walk beside you,

be the shield behind you,

and shine the light of truth around you

to direct your path in the way of peace


So that in all things you carry Love

from this moment on,

Now and forevermore.