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Make Space for Life to Live features expansive yet accessible vocal lines perfect for the emerging choir negotiating the challenges of adolescent voice change. It offers compelling melodies and singable vocal lines interwoven with a piano accompaniment that make subtle allusions to the main theme. The addition of the optional baritone part allows this work to be flexible enough to be an attractive choice for a wide variety of choral situations. The work may be performed as 3pt mixed (omitting the baritone part) or as an SATB work with the inclusion of the baritone part throughout.


About the text . . .

The text for this work was written while on an extended seashore retreat several years ago. It was the product of many long walks looking out into the vastness of the sea. It was a time in my life that was immediately preceded by great personal loss and turmoil. It was in that silence, and in that space I was able to reconnect to that still, small voice within that reminded me that I was merely a part of something much bigger than myself. The text was hewn from that experience is a reflection on the importance of allowing space in my daily life to experience the simple joy that every moment has to offer.

Make Space for Life to Live

To never hunger, to never thirst
Simplicity of beauty in our midst
It fills my cup to overflowed
Shining with the radiance of youth
Make space for life to live
From deep within your soul
What you call forth
Will come back to you A vision of your youth A moment of the truth

The stillness calls and wakens me
To rise and greet the day
I stretch to live within my skin
To touch a place so deep within

To taste it all
To drink it in
The spark fanned into flame
This I wish for you and me
Make space for life and let your dreams come true

Make space for life to live