Let Your Fire Guide You

An energetic and powerful song of self-discovery and coming of age, this is a perfect selection as a concert opener or closer. “May your fire shine bright from here to eternity.” Optional Latin text at the beginning or end. Also a good choice for a featured song at graduation.

“I am a Dragon, From now till eternity.

A sacred unspoken vow I enact with every step past the pillars.

My fire within,
Being stoked, by my teachers, Growing … by the day.

The inferno that is my- curiosity being met,
In force by knowledge.

Our teachers, paving a way for us; The next generation.

We are Dragons, From now till eternity.

May your Fire stay bright And your future ever brighter.

Pray you remember
As you leap off the precipice,
That is childhood and
Onto the outcropping we call adulthood,

A Dragon once,
Is a Dragon forever.

Alas, if you find yourself lost, With no hope in sight
Recall these words
To rectify your plight:

Ignis Tuus Te Per Noctem …
Let Your Fire Guide You Through The Night”

text by – Kiedrych Mullins