A moving Hebrew prayer from the Shabbat morning service (originally popularized by Ari Fraser), Blessing provides ample opportunity for expressive singing and melodic artistry for SATB choirs. Includes translation, transliteration, and pronunciation guide. Optional solos provide an opportunity to showcase one or more individual voices. Duration 3:30


Traditional Shabbat Prayer


Mi she’berach avoteinu
Avraham, Yitzchak, v’Yaakov
Hu y’varech et kol hakahal hakadosh hazeh Im kol kehillot hakodesh
Hem u’nisheihem u’baneihem u’bnoteihem Vchol asher lahem
U’mi shemeychadim batei k’nesiyot l’tefilah U’mi she’ba’im b’tocham l’hitpalel

Ner Lamaor Vyayin Lkidush Ulhavdala Upat haorchim Utzdaka Laniyim V’chol mi she’oskim b’tzorchey ha’tzibur b’emunah
hakadosh Baruch Hu yeshalm s’charam

v’yasir meihem kol machalah ve’yirpah Lechol gufam v’yisaleach l’chol avonam V’yishlach bracha v’hatzlacha b’chol ma’asei yadeihem im kol Yisrael acheim V’ne’emar Amen

Poetic Translation by Ari Fraser

He who blessed our fathers,
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
may He bless this entire holy congregation, together with all the holy communities.
Them, their wives, their sons, and their daughters, and all that belongs to them.

And those who designate places for prayer,
and those who come to pray,
and those who donate money to support the places of prayer, charity, and food for those in need.

And all those who engage in the needs of the community with faith,
God will reward their reward and remove from them all illness, heal them, and forgive all their sins. May He send blessings and success in all their endeavors, along with their brothers and sisters.
And let us say Amen.

Performance Notes

Certain notes and rhythms have been simplified to facilitate the performance of this song by choral ensembles. Soloists are free to add their own vocal embellishments in a way consistent with the style of the song and good taste.

Special Thanks
Many thanks the following people, without whom this work would not have been possible: Ari Fraser, for the beautiful melody and harmony. Dr. Tim Graham, for his assistance with the Hebrew, and providing the transliteration and literal translation. The choir at Eleanor Roosevelt High School for bringing this work to life. Darla Huete, for her vision for this work and commitment to bringing it to life.

Transliteration and line by line translation with thanks to Dr. Tim Graham

Mi she-be-^rach a-vo-^tey-nu Av-ra-^ham, Yitz-^chak, ve-Ya-a-^kov He who blessed our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Hu ye-va-^rech et ha-ka-^hal ha-ka-^dosh ha-^zeh May He bless this holy congregation

ʿIm kol ke-hil-^lot ha-^ko-desh With all holy congregations

Hem u-nə-shey-^hem uv-ney-^hem uv-no-tey-^hem Them and their wives and their sons and their daughters

Və-^chol a-^sher la-^hem And all that belong to them.

U-^mi she-mə-ya-chə-^dim ba-tey kə-ne-si-^yot lə-te-fi-^lah And all who consecrate synagogues to prayer

U-^mi she-ba-^ʾim bə-to-cham lə-hit-pa-^lel And all who come inside them to pray

U-mi she-not-^nim nēr la-ma-^ʾor və-^ya-yin lə-ki-^dush u-lə-hav-da-^la u-^pat ha-ʾor-^chim uts-da-ka laʾa-ni-yim
And all who give a candle for illumination, wine for kiddush and Havdalah, and the bread of guests and charity to the poor

Və-^chol mi she-ʿos-^kim bə-tsor-^chey tsi-^bur bə-ʾe-mu-^nah
And all who occupy themselves with the needs of the community in faith

Ha-Ka-^dosh Ba-ruch-^Hu ye-sha-lem sə-cha-^ram
And may The Holy One, Blessed be He, recompense them

və-ya-^sir me-^hem kol ma-cha-^lah And remove all their diseases from them

və-yir-paʾ le-^chol gu-^fam və-yis-^lach lə-chol ʿa-vo-^nam And heal their entire body and forgive all their trespasses

Və-yish-^lach bə-ra-^cha və-ha-tsə-la-^cha bə-^chol ma-ʿa-sey ya-dey-^hem ʿim kol Yisrael ʾa-chey-hem ʾa-cha-yo-tam
And send blessing and success in all the works of their hands, with all Israel their brothers and their sisters.

Və-ne-ʾe-mar “Amen” And we will say “Amen”

Mi she-be-^rach a-vo-^tey-nu Av-ra-^ham, Yitz-^chak, ve-Ya-a-^kov He who blessed our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob