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Watch this video to answer questions about: My experience with the virtual choir "You Are My Refuge" Reasons directors might consider a virtual choir Tech needed for the directors Tech needed for the singers The amount of time it takes to put it t [...]

You Are My Refuge – Virtual Choir

You Are My Refuge - Virtual Choir - This stunningly expressive 3-minute a cappella work was commissioned for high school choir programs forced to cancel concerts due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Inspiring and reflective, the rich harmonies capture a sense of both poignancy and hope.

Twas in the Moon of Wintertime

An energetic piano accompaniment provides the foundation for this captivating take on on the Huron Carol. The haunting middle section can be performed with piano doubling or a cappella to clearly set it apart from the opening and closing sections. An exciting and rewarding addition for any holiday concert!

Ubi Caritas

Ubi Caritas is a simple four-part singing, conservative ranges, and straightforward rhythms create a tapestry of sound for the solo chant line which may be sung by a soloist, performed by solo organ stop, or a C instrument. Suitable for liturgical use during Holy Week, general use, or in a concert setting. “Where there is charity and love, God is there.”

Ecce Ancilla

A simple prayer of a servant, this a cappella work masterfully captures Mary's response to the angel Gabriel. It can be performed with or without piano accompaniment and in English or Latin at the discretion of the conductor.

O Magnum Mysterium

O Magnum Mysterium. A highly expressive, new a cappella setting of this traditional Christmas text. Carefully prepared dissonances and judicious use of close harmonies thoughtfully paint the text.

Shepherd’s Carol

Lush harmonies and vivid imagery create a absolutely gorgeous a cappella setting. Margaret Deland's text depicts the Christmas story from the point of view of the shepherds calmly sleeping who were awoken by a dazzling light.

Ave Rosa Sine Spinis

Straightforward rhythms, dissonances, and close harmonies depict the clear and radiant divine essence of this a cappella meditation on the angel Gabriel's greeting to Mary. A poetic translation is included, allowing the work to be performed in Latin or English.

Share music with your ensemble, virtually – JW Pepper

Share music with your ensemble, virtually - JW Pepper JW Pepper has built a way for you to share sheet music you bought in the last 4 years for FREE! You can share most new purchases, too.  Pepper has agreements with MANY MUSIC PUBLISHERS to allow t [...]

Choir Distance Learning – High School

Choir Distance Learning - High School - Looking for online lesson ideas to use with your choir? Listening lesson, questions, linked to National Standards. and more...

Choir Distance Learning – Middle School

Choir Distance Learning - Middle School - Looking for online lesson ideas to use with your choir? Listening lesson, questions, linked to National Standards. and more...

Sample Lesson Plan Starters and Questions

Lesson Plan Topics and Sample Questions To accompany online videos found at Videos for Choir Distance Learning - Meet the Composer Access the Free Online Videos Meet the Composer (Inside Voice) Describe the music background of the composer's early [...]

Videos for Choir Distance Learning – Meet the Composer

Videos for Choir Distance Learning - in response those looking for free, online materials to use with their choirs, I have compiled a list of videos that discuss my take on the process of creating choral music. There are 45 minutes of interviews and over 2 hours of choral music. Interview topics include: Becoming a Composer, Habits for the Composition Process, and Behind the Scenes of several works, and more. Many thank for all you do and I hope this can be of assistance as we work together to keep learning and connecting through the choral art.

Winter’s Cold

The contrast between the cold of winter and the warm rays of light found in nature at this time of year make this ideal for emerging choirs looking for secular seasonal repertoire. Conservative vocal ranges, cued optional notes, text painting, and echoing harmony parts all add to the accessibility of this piece. Longfellow's text shimmers in this beautiful setting for treble or mixed choirs.

She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain

She'll Be Comin Round the Mountain A fun, fresh take on the beloved children's song.  The simple voice leading and easy harmonies make this a very accessible piece for any 2-Part choir. Accompanied by a light and syncopated piano part, this is a r [...]

I Sing My Song

A simple and touching piece that can either be sung in unison or with an optional 2nd part. This is a great selection for any children's choir, using easy to learn melodies and a great music-themed message. "I sing my song, my song for all, my song for me and you."

Leaves Of Gold

This rousing setting of G.K. Chesterton’s text for men’s choirs opens with a haunting unison melody. “I come to autumn, where all the leaves are gold!” Optional divisi notes and French horn part make this work flexible for a variety of ensembles Part-dominant MP3 practice tracks are available as multi-user bundles (includes all parts for the selected arrangement and allows file sharing within the choir), and single-user versions (licensed to the purchaser only; file sharing is prohibited). The accompaniment MP3 download includes both a fully produced version and a piano-only version.

We Take Up the Task Eternal

Cast in three sections, this piece opens with the chorus singing a triumphant call to action. The second section introduces a simple theme which is sung by the upper and the lower voices consecutively. The middle section features the upper and the lower voices in close harmonies musing on the wonder of the stars and planets. A musical palindrome, the work then restates the simple theme, ending with the triumphant call. Part of four Whitman settings, This Is Thy Hour. Duration: 5:15.

I Celebrate Myself

I Celebrate Myself This unaccompanied work contrasts a simple unison motif with quick ostinato in the lower voices. The homophonic refrain declaims, “all forces have been steadily employed to complete and delight me.” After building to a high poin [...]

O Wind

You can hear the gentle wind passing by in this charming setting of the playful Robert Louis Stevenson poem, in which a child talks with the wind. Independent melodic writing in both voice parts creates artistry and depth, and the piano accompaniment adds a breezy texture. Some cued notes give an option for three-parts in places, creating an expressive feature for treble choirs of any age.

This Is Thy Hour

A majestic opening unfolds to a rhythmic ostinato that acts as the underpinning for the text of this work.

Clear and Sweet Is My Soul

Flowing, smooth, melodic writing creates an understated elegance which reflects the simplicity of the text.

To First Seek the Kingdom

The SATB choral texture is shaded by sections of unison writing, with some brief points of a cappella writing and divisi.