You Are My Refuge

You Are My Refuge  is a stunningly expressive 3-minute a cappella work that was commissioned for high school choir programs forced to cancel concerts due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Inspiring and reflective, the rich harmonies capture a sense of both poignancy and hope.

Also available for:

SATB, Piano

SA, Piano

SAB, Piano

Over 200 singers from five high schools learned the piece separately (using part-dominant guide tracks), and individually recorded their performance for the virtual choir premier.

  • Participating Choirs and Choral Directors:

    • Agoura High School Choirs
      • Caroline Beal, Director
    • Calabasas High School Choirs
      • Joshua Barroll, Director
    • Central Regional High School Chorale
      • Beth Moore, Director
    • Oak Park High School Choirs
      • Heidi Cissell, Director
    • Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School Select Choir
      • Jan Allen, Director


You are my refuge and my strength.
You shelter me from every care.

I will not fear when the ground shakes
Or mountains fall into the sea.
I will not fear when oceans roar
Or mountains shake from swelling tide.

There is a river, filled with life,
A sacred place in which you dwell.
Within its streams I find you there,
I find your help at break of dawn.

Though nations fear and kingdoms fade
Your voice brings hope at break of dawn.
You are with me, my very hope,
My refuge, fortress, and my strength.

Be still and know that I am, Be still and know.
Be still, Be.

The piece was commissioned to bring hope and comfort to the over 100,000 public and private high school choir programs throughout the United States who were forced to close and cancel concerts, musical production performances, and events due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Five high schools came together from coast to coast to perform the premiere of You Are My Refuge – Virtual Choir, and make this dream a reality. Discover other titles by the composer.

In Memory of John Corely

Dedicated to the memory of John Corley

Commissioned by the Oak Park High School Choir, Oak Park, CA 2019-20

JOHN CORLEY loved the Oak Park High School Choir, where his two daughters sang for four years. He would regularly volunteer his time and was always sure to arrive at concerts at least an hour early, because he had to have the best seats in the house. It is in this spirit that John’s family chose to contribute a donation raised in his memory to the OPHS Choir to support music-making for years to come. John passed away from cancer in May 2019, but his light and memory will never fade. We wish to express our thanks for his wife, Rosalie and two daughters, Alexandra and Francesca for supporting this project so that John’s love of music can be shared with choirs all around the world.

You Are My Refuge – Virtual Choir

Participating Singers


Bridget Abbott, SFHS, Soprano

Abigail Adell, CHS, Alto

Kaitlin Alcott, CHS, Alto

Matthew Alvarez, CHS, Tenor

Emmon Amid, OPHS, Tenor

Sophia Andraus, CHS, Alto

Matthew Antonino, CHS, Bass

Vital Apel, OPHS , Bass

Nina Ardalan, CHS, Soprano

Giordanna Baker, CHS, Alto

Kindred Baker, CHS, Soprano

Kyla Ballard, CHS, Alto

Marissa Bamrick, SFHS, Soprano

Alexander Beatty, AHS, Tenor

Cassidy Benullo, CHS, Soprano

Samy Berman, CHS, Alto

Tamy, Berozun, OPHS, Alto

Alexis Bertelle, CHS, Soprano

Vishaka Bhat, OPHS, Soprano

Amanda Bjurman, CHS, Alto

Leia Blackford, OPHS, Alto

Jackie Bleidner, AHS, Soprano

Sareen Boulgourjian, AHS, Soprano

Kymara Brodie, OPHS , Alto

Nicole Brozak, SFHS, Soprano

Marissa Burton, SFHS, Soprano

Aashna Cheedu, OPHS, Soprano

Brook Clifton, CHS, Alto

Megan Coffey, CHS, Alto

Amelia Collins, SFHS, Alto

Benjamin Conn, AHS, Bass

Yale Coopersmith, AHS, Alto

Elliot Corbitt, OPHS, Soprano

Camryn Counsil, OPHS, Soprano

Jaden Cravitz, OPHS, Bass


Delaney Dauchy, OPHS, Soprano

Norah Davis, OPHS, Alto

Makayla de Giorgio, OPHS, Alto

Ruth Derrick, AHS, Soprano

Rachel Diamond, AHS, Alto

Karen Dotan, OPHS, Soprano

Victoria Dykhne, OPHS, Alto

Eleanor Elazary, CHS, Soprano

Lily Fadgen, OPHS, Alto

Nicholas Ferrante, OPHS , Bass

Blake Ferris, CHS, Bass

Daniel Ferrone, SFHS, Bass

Fiona Fiebig, AHS, Alto

Amanda Filipski, SFHS, Alto

Claire Fisher, SFHS, Alto

Alex Fonkalsrud, AHS, Tenor

Justyanna Fortna, SFHS, alto

Kaitlyn Foy, OPHS, Alto

Evelyn Fritz, CHS, Alto

Emmet Fynes, SFHS, Bass

Georgia Gabriel , AHS, Alto

Ivy Garry, CHS, Alto

Sara Ghazanfari, OPHS, Alto

Bethanie Giniewicz, OPHS, Soprano

Samuel Gittleman, AHS, Bass

Matthew Glave, CHS, Alto

Hannah Glazer, OPHS, Soprano

Joshua Golden, CHS, Bass

Mateo Gonzales, CHS, Tenor

Felicity Gonzalez, OPHS, Alto

Brynn Gorney, OPHS, Soprano

Bethany Gould, CHS, Alto

Lily Greco, CHS, Soprano

Bryce Green, OPHS, Tenor

Preston Green, OPHS, Tenor

Natalie Green, SFHS, Alto

Avery Grove, CHS, Alto

Emma Guan, SFHS, Descant

Lila Guillory, CHS, Alto


Devin Halm, CHS, Soprano

Alexander Halpin, SFHS, Bass

Samantha Harnick, CHS, Descant

Spencer Hass, OPHS, Bass

Savannah Hawkins, OPHS, Descant

Zakary Herman, CHS, Tenor

Yuna Herman, AHS, Soprano

Lauren Hinderstein, AHS, Alto

Anna Hiskey, AHS, Alto

Ava Hoshyarsar, CHS, Soprano

Addison Idol, AHS, Tenor

Kyle Isolda, SFHS, Bass

Chaitanya Ivaturi, OPHS, Soprano

Atmika Iyer, OPHS, Alto

Rishika Iyer, OPHS, Soprano

Arianna Jaffier, OPHS, Soprano

Connor Jamison, OPHS, Bass

Damian Jenkins, AHS, Bass

Jack Jenkins, AHS, Tenor

Angela Johnson, OPHS, Alto

Samuel Johnson, SFHS, Tenor

Eliana Jones, OPHS, Soprano

Benecia Jude, OPHS, Alto

Sherin Kachroo, SFHS, Soprano

Sasha Kaplow, CHS, Alto

Megan Kashman, OPHS, Alto

Tara Kenoff, SFHS, Alto

Matthew Kerr, OPHS, Bass

Madison Kirby, OPHS, Alto

Scarlett Klein, CHS, Alto

Jonathan Kother, SFHS, Bass

Caleb Krainman, CHS, Bass

Liam Krainman, CHS, Tenor

Christina Kroker, AHS, Soprano

Dominic Land, OPHS, Bass

Maddi Lasker, CHS, Descant

Meagan Lavin, SFHS, Soprano

Alessandra Lehrer, OPHS, Alto

Brooke Levitt, CHS, Alto

Stephanie Levy, OPHS, Alto

Noah Lindquist, OPHS, Bass

Paris Logsdon, OPHS, Alto

Melanie Lowell, SFHS, Soprano

Kylei Ly, OPHS, Alto


Matilda Madha, CHS, Soprano

Kayla Mahoney, OPHS, Soprano

Amit Maish, OPHS, Bass

Nick Malta, OPHS, Tenor

Aubrie Manoukian, CHS, Alto

Joseph Marta, SFHS, Bass

Cassidi Martin, CRHS, Alto

Emmi Marx, CHS, Soprano

Anyssa Matia, CHS, Alto

Kaelan Mattos, SFHS, Soprano

Sammie Mayti, CHS, Tenor

Eliza Mazursky, CHS, Alto

Fiona McDonnell, OPHS, Descant

Roy McGowan, SFHS, Tenor

Skylar McLaren, CHS, Alto

Sophia Mesner, CHS, Alto

Abi Mohr, AHS, Alto

Gianfranco Montelione, CHS, Tenor

Beth Moore, CRHS, Alto

Valentina Moraccini, CHS, Alto

Scarlett Morgan, CHS, Alto

Ava Motamedi, CHS, Alto

Meghna Nair, OPHS, Soprano

Megan Nolen, CHS, Alto

Jacob Nuss, CHS, Bass

Cadie Nussbaum, CHS, Alto

Olivia O’Connell, OPHS, Alto

Cooper Ockenfels, CHS, Bass

Lea Oduro, SFHS, Alto

Etti Ovadia, OPHS, Alto

Rebecca Paiotti Da Silva, OPHS, Soprano

Eddie Park, OPHS, Bass

Aditya Phatak, SFHS, Tenor

Atlee Phillips, OPHS, Soprano

Julia Piszker, CHS, Alto

Caly Plowman, CHS, Alto

Delaney Pryor, OPHS, Soprano

Michela Quinn, AHS, Alto

Sarah Rata, SFHS, Alto

Brianna Richardson, OPHS, Alto

Jody Rifkin, CHS, Descant

Bella, Rogers, CHS, Soprano

Isabella Rojas, OPHS, Soprano

Melissa Rosahl, SFHS, Soprano

Reed Rosenberg, CHS, Tenor

Olivia Rouss , CHS, Alto

Nina Russillo, OPHS, Soprano


Zoe Saltz, CHS, Soprano

Emily Salzman, OPHS, Descant

Ashlynn Salzwedel, OPHS, Alto

Rachel Sands, CHS, Soprano

Ashley Sanft, OPHS, Soprano

Carly Scamardo, CHS, Alto

Laurenz Schiesser, OPHS, Bass

Aidan Schnurr, OPHS, Bass

Kristin schrage, CHS, Alto

Lauren Sebastian, CHS, Alto

Abigayle Severson, AHS, Soprano

Megan Sheehy, SFHS, Descant

Amelia Sherman, SFHS, Soprano

Oliver Sherry, SFHS, tenor

David Shiang, OPHS, Tenor

Noah Simon, OPHS, Bass

Casey Simpson, AHS, Bass

Taylor Skelton, OPHS, Alto

Garrett Sloan, OPHS , Tenor

Cameron Sniderman, CHS, Soprano

Tommy Spaulding, AHS, Bass

Sandhya Sridhar, OPHS, Soprano

Sarah Steinhauer, CHS, Alto

Savanah Streif, OPHS, Soprano

Iskandria Sturdivant, AHS, Alto

Abby Tang, OPHS, Alto

Stephanie Tangalos, OPHS, Alto

Elisha Tong, OPHS, Soprano

Amir Tribble, CHS, Bass

Sara Tsai, OPHS, Alto


Carly Ungar, AHS, Soprano

Lucas Vega, SFHS, Bass

Xitlali Ventura, AHS, Alto

Alexa Vierschilling , SFHS, Alto

Annie Vincent, AHS, Soprano

Ally Vlkovic, SFHS, Alto

Emily Warren, OPHS , Soprano

Abigail Weber, CHS, Alto

Morgan Wilkerson, OPHS, Alto

Mikayla Williams, CHS, Alto

Garrett Wilson , OPHS, Tenor

Grace Wolf, CHS, Alto

Olivia Wolk, AHS, Alto

Koby Yousem, OPHS, Tenor

Errata (Singers names as they should have appeared in the credits)
Sammie Mayti, CHS, Tenor

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