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SA-SSA-SSAA Music Catalog of Composer Michael John Trotta –

From Carnegie Hall to classrooms all over the world, Trotta’s unique blend of engaging and artistic music creates opportunities to experience new music and empowers individuals to realize their artistic potential. His engaging style fuses tradition and innovation to create moments of beauty that “effectively carry out a dialogue between the [music] and the modern listener.” (Choral Journal)

Recently, Dr. Trotta has had world premieres commissioned for conventions at  TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) and ACDA (American Choral Directors Association),  in addition to being invited to conduct premieres of commissioned major works at Carnegie Hall, and at St. Paul’s Papal Basilica in Rome.

His works are published through JW PepperCarl FischerECS PublishingMorningStar MusicHal LeonardChoristers GuildBriLee MusicShawnee PressAlliance MusicGIAKjosColla Voce, and Walton Music.

Read reviews of his works in Choral JournalChoral Scholar, and Gramophone, or watch his Inside Voice interview with JW Pepper.

Recordings can be found on iTunes for the following works: For a Breath of EcstasyLight Shines in the DarknessSeven Last Words, Totus Tuus and Gloria.

She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain

She'll Be Comin Round the Mountain A fun, fresh take on the beloved children's song.  The simple voice leading and easy harmonies make this a very accessible piece for any 2-Part choir. Accompanied by a light and syncopated piano part, this is a r [...]

I Sing My Song

A simple and touching piece that can either be sung in unison or with an optional 2nd part. This is a great selection for any children's choir, using easy to learn melodies and a great music-themed message. "I sing my song, my song for all, my song for me and you."

O Wind

You can hear the gentle wind passing by in this charming setting of the playful Robert Louis Stevenson poem, in which a child talks with the wind. Independent melodic writing in both voice parts creates artistry and depth, and the piano accompaniment adds a breezy texture. Some cued notes give an option for three-parts in places, creating an expressive feature for treble choirs of any age.

If I Can Sing, I Will Be Free

This stirring testament to the power of music, Sara Teasdale's text is set to a captivating melody, careful use of suspensions, and an optional violin and cello obbligato. "For with my singing, I can make a refuge for my spirits sake." Breathtaking.

Dusk from I Will Sing to the Stars

Written for the Jacksonville Children's Chorus, this SSAA setting of a Sara Teasdale text begins in unison. This verse structure is followed by a refrain and a canon between the two voices on the text, "the air is blue and sweet." The contrasting middle section allows the voices to become the focal point on the text, "let me sing like birds, sing before night." The third movement of the three-movement work, "I Will Sing to the Stars."

Peace from I Will Sing to the Stars

Written for the Jacksonville Children's Chorus, this SSAA setting of a Sara Teasdale text is set completely for unaccompanied voices. The text, "Peace flows into me…," is introduced on a single note, gently expanding to a fuller sonority. The next section features a straightforward declamation of the text, followed by a rhythmic ostinato that lays a foundation for legato vocal lines in the upper voices. The piece then concludes on the single note from which it began. The second movement of the three-movement work, "I Will Sing to the Stars."

Joy from I Will Sing to the Stars

Written for the Jacksonville Children's Chorus, this SSAA setting of a Sara Teasdale text opens with a sort of call and response between the voices. The music then transitions to a contrasting key and a stark contrast featuring the chorus alone. The beginning them is heard again to conclude the piece with the repeated text, "I love, I am loved." The first movement of the three-movement work, "I Will Sing to the Stars."

The Frosted Pane

Slow and delicate, this piece uses fine vocal writing to paint a picture of winter beauty.


The final installment of the Missa Brevis for SA voices, this work features opportunities for unison singing and the development of independent part singing. With conservative ranges, inherit in the text are opportunities to focus on pure vowels and opportunities to work on text accentuation. An elegant addition to any concert/festival program.

Caritas Abundat (Great and Fiery Force)

Trotta's composition is an energetic reimagining of timeless text and tune from the 12th century poet, composer, and philosopher Hildegard of Bingen. The marriage of the chant Caritas Abundat with a text taken from Liber Divinorum Operum (The Book of Divine Works) creates an entirely new work that expresses themes of empowerment. There is a reflective sense of the empowerment that comes from singing in a choir, especially the power of belonging to a group united for a purpose greater than oneself.

Omnia Vincit Amor

This energetic original work for tenor-bass choirs is a testament that "Love conquers all, therefore let us surrender to love!" In Latin, with pronunciation guide and translation included, this festival work may be performed a cappella or with the optional piano accompaniment, presenting flexibility and educational opportunity for teaching blend and musicality.

A Heart for Any Fate

A delightfully captivating original setting of this beloved text, the flowing accompaniment perfectly compliments the legato vocal lines.

Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei - Following his successful settings of Kyrie and Gloria for treble voices, Dr. Trotta delivers a third movement from the Missa Brevis with Agnus Dei. Each setting has been carefully crafted for emerging treble singers to provide educational opportunities for range extension, musical phrasing and attention to syllabic stress. Agnus Dei, set with piano or harp accompaniment and optional flute obbligato, features a partner song setting with two lyrical melodies in the minor mode. A wonderful choice for concerts, festivals or sacred services.

Break of Day

This edition of "Break of Day," originally conceived for the A Cappella Recital Choir at Louisiana State University, was prepared for the Pearland High School Chamber Choir. It is an account of two lovers faced with parting, and legato vocal lines u [...]

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

This reassuring text, simply set for choir features a lyric melody that is perfect for the choir with limited rehearsal time. Set with Organ or Piano accompaniment and optional string quartet. Movement I from the large work Light Shines in the Darkness.

Gloria SA

For the emerging choir, this energetic choral work offers an introduction of traditional text in compound meter and beginning part-singing. Whether chosen for its educational features, its lyric melody, or its bouncing energetic accompaniment, it is [...]

Hidden in Plain Sight

The text of Hidden in Plain Sight is based on a poem inspired by the power of the smallest, most subtle mysteries of the natural world. The author comments, “Living near the ocean, my daily walks are enriched by the presence of seagulls, fiddler cra [...]

In the Bleak Midwinter

A new setting of a traditional poem, "In the Bleak Midwinter" juxtaposes simple melodic beauty with a wider harmonic palette in the interior sections. These interior sections can be performed with the optional accompaniment, or a cappella. The use o [...]


Movement one from the “Missa Brevis for Treble Voices”, this understated work features a 4th-Century Greek text on a unison melody in the tripartite form typical of the Kyrie. Its elegant simplicity speaks to the power of consenting to not having al [...]

Make Space for Life to Live

Make Space for Life to Live features expansive yet accessible vocal lines perfect for the emerging choir negotiating the challenges of adolescent voice change. It offers compelling melodies and singable vocal lines interwoven with a piano accompanim [...]


Shenandoah - This beloved American folk song is set atop a rhythmic vocal ostinato that casts this familiar tune in a new light. The energetic ostinato provides the backdrop for the soaring vocal line.

Spend All You Have on Loveliness (from For a Breath of Ecstasy)

Beautiful harmonic shifts and interesting voice leading make the this lovely piece for women's choir with oboe obbligato come alive. "Spend all you have on loveliness and never count the cost, for one white hour of singing peace counts years of strife well lost..."

The Lord is My Shepherd

A delightfully captivating original setting of this beloved text, the flowing accompaniment perfectly compliments the legato vocal lines.

Veni, Veni, Emmanuel,-Veni-Emmanuel/10509932.item#/

When I Sing to Make You Dance

When I Sing to Make You Dance was commissioned by Polly Murray and ChildrenSong of New Jersey to provide artistic expression for emerging mixed choirs. The ranges are ideal for newly changed and developing voices. An energetic piano accompaniment fe [...]