Stay With Us (Peace Be With You)

Stay With Us (Peace Be With You) is elegant in its simplicity and perfectly provides opportunities for artistic performance with limited rehearsal time.

Peace from I Will Sing to the Stars

Written for the Jacksonville Children's Chorus, this SSAA setting of a Sara Teasdale text is set completely for unaccompanied voices. The text, "Peace flows into me…," is introduced on a single note, gently expanding to a fuller sonority. The next section features a straightforward declamation of the text, followed by a rhythmic ostinato that lays a foundation for legato vocal lines in the upper voices. The piece then concludes on the single note from which it began. The second movement of the three-movement work, "I Will Sing to the Stars."

Stay With Us (Peace Be With You)

Lyric and accessible, this anthem provides opportunities for artistic performance with limited rehearsal time. The final verse of the work recaps the original theme while the optional descant on the text “Peace be with you” soars. Organ or piano accompaniment.

Peace Flows Into Me (from For a Breath of Ecstasy)

This second movement from "For a Breath of Ecstasy," is a cappella except for a short introduction and coda. The texture is SATB with a soprano descant in the first and last sections. The middle section ("piu mosso") is underlayed with a rhythmic motive in the men's parts which pulses below the more flowing women's parts. After the middle section builds to a strong emotional declamation ("they are all fulfilled in you,") The beginning material returns. Duration: 4:44 Oboe part included.

Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace)

A simple a cappella setting of this traditional text that invokes the peace and stillness of nature. Movement 8 from the large work Light Shines in the Darkness.

And Peace Shall Guard You

A cappella Based on the text of Philippians 4:6, this piece for advanced choirs was written as a quest for sanctuary from the hectic pace so prevalent in today's society. The pedal point in the bass line introduces a placid texture from which a rich [...]

Prayer for Peace

Melodic and thoughtfully composed, this choral prayer is beautifully lyric and stays well within the capabilities of the four-part choir. The prayer, attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, has become established as a service benediction, concert work o [...]