Lux Aeterna (from “Requiem”)

Lux Aeterna - This stunning a cappella work is carefully crafted to bring it well within reach for many choirs. A wonderfully lush and sonorous tonal palette is sprinkled with moments of prepared dissonance and close harmonies. The middle section quotes the “Requiem” chant tune. A perfect contrasting pairing with Trotta’s rhythmic and popular “Dies Irae.” Excerpted from Requiem,  the major work for choir and orchestra, currently in progress.

Ubi Caritas

Ubi Caritas features simple part singing, conservative ranges, and straightforward rhythms to create a tapestry of sound for the solo chant line which may be sung by a soloist, performed by solo organ stop, or a C instrument. Suitable for liturgical use during Holy Week, general use, or in a concert setting. “Where there is charity and love, God is there.”

Into Your Hands (from Seven Last Words)

This elegant acappella setting, excerpted from the major work Seven Last Words, is a stunning stand alone movement appropriate for the concert hall or within a liturgical service. It can be performed in English or in Latin. Set in a gentle triple me [...]