Nunc Dimittis (from Evening Canticles)

Nunc Dimittis - This expressive meditation is a cappella writing at its finest. This elegant work is an English setting of the prayer "O Lord, lettest thy servant depart in peace." Thoughtfully-prepared suspensions and close harmonies that stay on the staff make this piece easy to learn and enjoyable to sing. (ca. 3.5 minutes)

Magnificat (from Evening Canticles)

Magnificat. A joyful and sonorous a cappella work, this English setting of "My soul doth magnify the Lord" is a wonderful way to show off the sound of your choir.

Evening Canticles (Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis)

A new, a cappella setting, the uplifting warmth of the Magnificat contrasts with the meditative reflectiveness of the Nunc Dimittis into a captivating English setting filled with expressiveness. Thoughtfully composed voiceleading with optional descant notes make this an appricable setting for Evensong, a special concert, or general use. Duration ca. 7min.

O Gracious Light

While this ancient Greek evening hymn text Phos hilaron is set for a cappella SATB divisi voices, it is within the reach of most mixed-voice choirs.