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The SATB Unaccompanied Music Catalog of Composer Michael John Trotta –

From Carnegie Hall to classrooms all over the world, Trotta’s unique blend of engaging and artistic music creates opportunities to experience new music and empowers individuals to realize their artistic potential. His engaging style fuses tradition and innovation to create moments of beauty that “effectively carry out a dialogue between the [music] and the modern listener.” (Choral Journal)

Recently, Dr. Trotta has had world premieres commissioned for conventions at  TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) and ACDA (American Choral Directors Association),  in addition to being invited to conduct premieres of commissioned major works at Carnegie Hall, and at St. Paul’s Papal Basilica in Rome.

His works are published through JW PepperCarl FischerECS PublishingMorningStar MusicHal LeonardChoristers GuildBriLee MusicShawnee PressAlliance MusicGIAKjosColla Voce, and Walton Music.

Read reviews of his works in Choral JournalChoral Scholar, and Gramophone, or watch his Inside Voice interview with JW Pepper.

Recordings can be found on iTunes for the following works: For a Breath of EcstasyLight Shines in the DarknessSeven Last Words, Totus Tuus and Gloria.

A Place Between Us Both

“a place where I am who I really want to be, and a place where you are more than you’ll ever know . . . Will you meet me there?” A perfect piece for director looking to introduce close harmonies within limited ranges, this work is a depiction of lover and the beloved.

Ad Te Clamamus

This popular Hymn dates back to the Middle Ages composed by the German monk Hermann of Reichenau. It has been sung as part of the Daily Office since the 13th Century, with a text dating back to as far as the 11th Century. This setting juxtaposes a m [...]

Adam Lay YBounden

A haunting and contemporary a cappella arrangement of a wonderful old English carol. The subtle dissonance and tonal shifts make this a memorable and meaningful setting. Great for use within a liturgical setting or for concert use. Get the Sheet [...]

All is Calm, All is Bright

In this fine a cappella setting, new light shines onto one of the most beloved of all Christmas texts, Silent Night. A graceful soprano melody is set against the backdrop of rich lower voice sonorities, with an interwoven texture and seamless phrase [...]

All of Us Be Free

The resounding chorus “Cease we not the fight of faith, till all of us be free,” is taken from the The Anti-Slavery Harp, 1848 and highlights both the considerable obstacles that have been overcome since the mid-19th century while at the same time gives voice to the continued struggle for freedom throughout the world.


Sonorous harmonies and straightforward rhythms make this piece an attractive choir for a wide variety of uses.

Amazing Grace

The harmonic language of this setting of "Amazing Grace" portrays a feeling of mystery and awe. Completely original music is matched with this most familiar John Newton text to create an experience that feels both familiar, but simultaneously transpo [...]

And Peace Shall Guard You

A cappella Based on the text of Philippians 4:6, this piece for advanced choirs was written as a quest for sanctuary from the hectic pace so prevalent in today's society. The pedal point in the bass line introduces a placid texture from which a rich [...]

Ave Maria

A gentle a cappella setting of the traditional prayer to Mary. The texture is chordal throughout and offers an unpretentious treatment of the text, with occasional sharp dissonances adding a shimmering effect. For directors with a capable soprano so [...]

Ave Rosa Sine Spinis

Straightforward rhythms, dissonances, and close harmonies depict the clear and radiant divine essence of this a cappella meditation on the angel Gabriel's greeting to Mary. A poetic translation is included, allowing the work to be performed in Latin or English.

Behold How Good

Inspired by Psalm 133, composer Michael John Trotta has written a lovely a cappella piece that celebrates the unity of brotherhood among all people. This calm, sonorous work is the perfect choice for a concert finale, signature piece, encore, or wor [...]

Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind

The understated opening of this a cappella work uses whistling and blowing vocal sounds to imitate a gradually building storm. The storm unfolds with a highly rhythmic verse that contrasts with the triple-meter refrain set in a rich, yet accessible, [...]

Death Shall Be No More

A wonderful a cappella piece for the choir looking to explore the judicious use of close harmonies within conservative vocal ranges. This moving setting uses John Donne’s text to reflect on the promise of the consolation of the afterlife.“Say not in grief that life is no more, but in thankfulness that life was. Because the dawn has come. One short sleep past we wake eternally, and death shall be no more.”

Ecce Ancilla

A simple prayer of a servant, this a cappella work masterfully captures Mary's response to the angel Gabriel. It can be performed with or without piano accompaniment and in English or Latin at the discretion of the conductor.

For You I Am Still (from For a Breath of Ecstasy)

In this fourth movement from For a Breath of Ecstasy, the instrumental introduction leads to a completely a cappella setting of this Sara Teasdale text. This movement is slow, lyrical and hymn like. Lovely vocal lines wrap around each other and create some absolutely stunning harmonies. A wonderful piece to explore the full range of choral dynamics. There is some divisi in the soprano, and the oboe part is included in the score.

Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace)

A simple a cappella setting of this traditional text that invokes the peace and stillness of nature. Movement 8 from the large work Light Shines in the Darkness.

Had That Been All

Daeynu is a song that is part of Passover. It roughly translates to “that would have been enough.” This work applies this idea to sacred and secular love, culminating in the refrain, “Had that been all, it would have been enough.” Optional Hebrew transliteration is included for the refrain.

Hidden Deep Within

A stunning setting of a meaningful text, this a cappella single is a favorite with listeners and performers alike. “… the gift, the wonder of it all, is the presence hidden deep within, and the joy that somehow evermore, that conceals diviner things . . .” Giovanni Giocondo’s 15th century text is the inspiration for Trotta’s setting that delivers a timeless message.

I Celebrate Myself

I Celebrate Myself This unaccompanied work contrasts a simple unison motif with quick ostinato in the lower voices. The homophonic refrain declaims, “all forces have been steadily employed to complete and delight me.” After building to a high poin [...]

I Shall See

Based on Psalm 27, this a cappella piece has a simple rhythmic texture that makes it accessible to any ensemble. A lovely harmonic palette is used to introduce the text in the first verse. Suitable for concert or worship settings, it is a true choral [...]

Into Your Hands (from Seven Last Words)

This elegant acappella setting, excerpted from the major work Seven Last Words, is a stunning stand alone movement appropriate for the concert hall or within a liturgical service. It can be performed in English or in Latin. Set in a gentle triple me [...]

Irish Blessing (Until We Meet Again)

Irish Blessing features  straightforward rhythm and close harmonies of this a cappella setting of a traditional text is a favorite with conductors and choirs alike. Whether chosen for its moving text, its educational value or soaring optional descan [...]

O Gracious Light

While this ancient Greek evening hymn text Phos hilaron is set for a cappella SATB divisi voices, it is within the reach of most mixed-voice choirs.

O Magnum Mysterium

O Magnum Mysterium. A highly expressive, new a cappella setting of this traditional Christmas text. Carefully prepared dissonances and judicious use of close harmonies thoughtfully paint the text.

Peace Flows Into Me (from For a Breath of Ecstasy)

This second movement from "For a Breath of Ecstasy," is a cappella except for a short introduction and coda. The texture is SATB with a soprano descant in the first and last sections. The middle section ("piu mosso") is underlayed with a rhythmic motive in the men's parts which pulses below the more flowing women's parts. After the middle section builds to a strong emotional declamation ("they are all fulfilled in you,") The beginning material returns. Duration: 4:44 Oboe part included.