Intimations of Immortality

This 20-minute work for choir, oboe, horn, and strings, this five-movement work is an expressive setting of the text of William Wordsworth

Venite Adoremus for Choir and Orchestra

Venite Adoremus for Choir and Orchestra Experience the majesty, mystery, and wonder of the Nativity with Venite Adoremus, a new 5 movement work for choir, soprano, bass, and orchestra. The work centers around the text "Venite Adormeus" (O Come Let' [...]

Requiem for Choir and Orchestra

Commissioned by a consortium of 8 choirs, Michael John Trotta’s Requiem engenders grace, hope, and solace for everyone who has experienced loss in their lives. This ten-movement work is grounded in tradition and informed modern sensibilities that are equally at home in the concert hall and worship space. Two Gregorian Chant motives act as the unifying material for this work that poignantly explores a wide palette of emotions surrounding love and loss. In addition to the traditional Requiem text, Trotta sets Rev. 21:4 “and God will wipe away every tear...” and Cor. 15:55 “O death, where is your victory?” The work can be performed in Latin OR English, is 28-40 minutes (depending on optional solo and a cappella movements , has optional soprano and mezzo duet and bass solo, and is scored for either chamber or full orchestra.

Light Shines in the Darkness

A Light Shines in the Darkness is a multi-movement, large work for choir, organ or piano, opt. strings suitable for a concert use or liturgical context. Cast in 8 moments the work draws on texts that examine the many facets of death, the pain of transitions, and the hope and joy of a better place.