Gloria for Choir, Organ, Brass, & Percussion

A new work for choir, brass, organ, and percussion, Michael John Trotta’s Gloria delivers a tapestry of melodic richness. A strong sense of architecture guides the listener through the three contrasting movements, full of triumphant drama. Trotta’s work is a rare example of music that is both grounded in tradition while looking forward, all the while appealing to the modern listener.

Te Deum

Te Deum was commissioned by a consortium of 8 choirs for simultaneous nationwide premieres during the 2021-2022 season. A 15-minute work for choir with brass and organ or chamber orchestra, this three-movement work delivers an energetic and poignant reflection on one of the oldest hymns in the Christian tradition. The composer has set the text in Latin or English, that the music might be used either in concert or worship settings. While it departs in tradition from the Book of Common Prayer translation (which arguably cannot be surpassed), this new poetic English translation reflects the spirit of the text and will resonate with modern day performers and listeners alike.